Interesting but Underrated

Monday, 27 March 2006

Microsoft Appeals Korea Fair Trade Commission Decision

First Mouse Without a Click, Silicone Padded…anguage_tools

First Martian HiRes Images

Solid State Disks can store up to 32 Gbytes


Oh quota warnings where are thou?

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Since we have Windows Server 2003 R2 in productive use, i thought i might share with you that the fileserver resource management quota email alert system is bugged.

It refuses to send out emails via an Exchange 2003 server that has basic authentication enabled.
Stupid? Yes. But the patch is here, it must be ordered via Microsoft Support quoting: KB914678

Sure, you can also turn off basic authentication, but how will you relay your prescious mails then?

I guess the best approach would be to give an exchange server in your organization a second IP and slap a second virtual SMTP server on it, allowing no one but the fileservers running FSRM to connect to.
Works like a charm.

A new workstation

Thursday, 23 March 2006

To kick off this funny little adventure I'll just give you a brief overview about my current PC, even before I write about myself. Pretty creative, eh?
Whatever, here we go:

  • Asus P5WDG2-WS Motherboard
  • Intel Pentium D 930 CPU
  • a gig of Corsair RAM
  • nvidia geForce 7800 GT
  • all powered by a 460Watt chieftec

All in all a silent solution, got good cost effiency and is able to deliver raw number crunching power when needed.