Second Life.. in no way an OS

Monday, 27 March 2006

My 0.02€ on what I read over here:

Being a "Platform inside a Platform" may be true, but then again every MMOG might become an OS. I for one am an avid player, as much as time allows, of EVE Online.

We have a player driven economy there, we have player owned structures, we have player run starbases, we have a ingame radio channel, we have out of game lootshop for ingame items/cash.. the list goes on.
Everybody is free, completly.
Given enough time invested we can recreate every situation we want.

But then, there is a red line, maybe THE red line.

All in all our online lives are entrys in a database, our characters, our ships, our assets. Everything can be reduced to a line in a table, referenced by or referencing to other lines in other tables.

Summing it all up:

We have an interface of medium complexity:
some mouse clicking, menues to a maximum depth of 3, a very intuitive style of chosing the own actions

With this interface we accomplish very complex tasks:
Fullfilling sell/buy orders, Killing pirates/other players for interstellar kredits (isk), running our starbases, defending our territories, having a good time online alltogether, having fun

The output of such complex tasks on the opposite is very simple:
It's our beloved lines in the database.

So, what good is a platform inside a platform as an OS when it just increases the complexity to get simple things done?


linz, austria: some kind of subway

Monday, 27 March 2006

Sometimes I wonder if we let in too much tourists into our beautiful country…


The driver later told the police that he had no idea where he was going, and was kinda surprised to see people standing on the sides, waiting for "him"…